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Protypers (Megatypers) Review: Scam or Legit?


Welcome Back, Nice to see you again, I found a this program recently on the web that promised to give you the Online Business opportunity (Data Entry) for FREE, Earn up to $200 USD per month?? Is it True?

Let's SEE...

What is ProTypers ??

ProTypers is a conglomerate of data entry specialists. We work primarily on converting scanned documents from image-to-text for institutions in North America and Europe. We also offer our services to Neural Network Text Imaging developers and provide CAPTCHA decoding for the visually impaired (blind).

We’re currently hiring data entry personnel from all over the world. The only requirement to work for us is to have a computer, an internet connection and the ability to type over 30 Words per Minute. You decide when to work and for how long. The faster you type, the more money you earn. is ideal for:

  • - Mothers that stay at home.
  • - Parents that need a second job.
  • - Students.
  • - People in between jobs.

How much you earn depends on how much you work. Our top typers earn between $100 and $250 each month! Our Rates start from $0.50 for each 1000 words typed and can go as high as up to $1.5 for each 1000 words typed. We Pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union.

How Do I Earn Money?

In, the money you make will depend on how much you work and at what time you work. The amount of money that you earn will depend on Rates. A Rate will show you the amount of money you will earn if you type in 1000 images. For example: If you have a Rate of $0.90 for 1000 images, then you will earn $0.90 when you type in 1000 images. The Rates will be changing every hour. You can check the rate for every hour of the day in the “Solve Images” and the “Statistics” page. The rate for the current hour will be highlighted. 


How To Earn More Money ?

This is the most tricky part, the way that they promised to let you earn over $200USD Monthly, is to refer others, which need to give a lot of effort to archive it...

Here you will earn 10% commission of the people that you invite to work in ProTypers. You will simply need to provide them with an affiliate link and they will be counted as one of your referrals. 

Let us Calculate it :

If you earn about $0.50 per day

- 0.5 x 30 = $15

You will earn $15 per month

If you refer 10 people to join, & you earn 10% of their total earnings.

- 0.5 x 30 = $15
- 0.5 x 10% x 10 = $15

You will earn roughly $30 per month

How about you refers 50 people to join??

- 0.5 x 30 = $15
- 0.5 x 10% x 10 = $15
- 0.5 x 10% x 40 = $60

$15 + $15 + $60 = $90 USD

You will earn $90 per month

And this is definitely a long-term business to invest in, check it out

Affiliate Program Terms


  • Commission: The money you earn from the profit generated by your referrals.
  • Referrals: These are the people that you invite through an affiliate link.
  • Affiliate link: It's a special link that's generated for your account. When someone clicks this link and registers an account, this person will be counted as your referral.

 The affiliate commissions will represent 10% of the earnings of the referrals that you have invited into the site through your affiliate link.

Your commissions will be processed after the payment is made to your referrals. Commissions will be paid out every 2 weeks and within 78 hours after the date of regular payments.

A minimum of 5 of your referrals must be paid before you get your first commission payment.

How Do You Get Paid?

We pay according to the balance that you have accumulated before Monday Eastern Time (GMT -5). This means that you must reach the minimum balanced before Sunday 23:59 Eastern Time (GMT -5). IF you haven’t reached minimum balanced needed for payment by this time, you will be paid next week.

- AlertPay
- Paypal
- Western Union
- OKpay
- Liberty Reserve

IP & Whois

ProTypers | INDEX
Daily visitors: 1 335
Daily pageviews: 8 012
Alexa Rank: 3948098
Owner:domains by trust Domains By Trust
Hosting, Inc


So Is ProTypers a Scam?

If you are interested, Click Here

C'mon, It is Hosted by , inc

Review : 8.5/10


mikeschowe said...

THIS IS LEGIT! I made about $100 bucks last month. It can range from .45 per 1k image type, to 1.50 per 1k image type, it depends on day/hour. It is invitation only, use one of my codes!


PDK said...

I just started it today seems ok I hope its legit not sure how to make codes and stuff yet but I will get there

Samuel Liew said...

Hi, PDK!

Congrats, enjoy your earnings!! =)

If you are wondering how to make codes or referral links,

you can go to

this will give you the guideline,
or you can go to

just add a new code, and fill in the description, that's it...

Hope you doing well!!! xD

Samuel Liew said...


Your comment has been removed due that you have been using some mean words in your comment...

Please respect yourself & others,


Samuel Liew

Cindy L said...

Hello! Just wanted to confirm that this really does work!

If you want to join, I invite you to join using my name then pay it forward!

Thank you and good luck!

beurasudip said...

is it legit ??
u know i worked for 15 hrs to make 2.9 usd but then my account was blocked.

I could see only rules cannot work.
I planned for a cashout at 3 usd

beurasudip said...

so do others have experiences like me in protypers do others are also cheated ,,,ripped off?

vipula said... Invitation Code: 1FGV

beurasudip said...

Hi Vipula ,,how much u have made from megatypers/protypers?

Emmanuel Nwosu said...

hi every one
i'v tried protyper and megatypers but after awhile i just see rules and aparently my account is blocked so i feel they scam us of our time!!!

beurasudip said...

yeah Emmanuel you are spot on.
They scam us .
My account was blocked at 2.9 usd and one can make cashout at 3 usd.

jonathan said...

they are paying you will just banned if you kicked multiple times.. And your connection must stable before you try to solve capthchas. I earn $35 a week.

Samuel Liew said...


Congrats, Jonathan! Hope you'll do well & earn
more with this company in the future...all the best! =)


I think that you need to summit a complaint, or try to reach them about your issue, i think this will help...^^


Thanks for your comment, hope you all the best in the future...enjoy your earnings!xD

beurasudip said...

Hi all
Protypers unbanned me after I contacted the support people.I resumed work.

But I can make a cashout next monday.

Paul John Sumaya said...

This site is Genuine i got paid every week and my hard work are all paid off if you want more updates of payments about the site you can like my facebook page at

or you can also visit my sulit account

Happy Earnings you guys ^^ Don't believe others negative opinions try to prove it for yourself =)

beurasudip said...

Hi all.
seems like Protypers a completely genuine site.
Just got paid 4 usd to my paypal account/
Thanks Protypers.

Shingz84 said...

hi I am not sure why I often get kicked out when I always hit submit before the timer ends. :( I am worried I might get banned.

Shingz84 said...

btw, I just started today ..I didn't even reach $1 yet but I got kicked out twice already :(

sierranicole said...

I just started today and there is a message at the top of my screen, "Very Important: All Webmoney Payments have been blocked! Please go to /profile page to change your Payment Method." unfortunately for me you can't change your payment method plus i used my paypal account so I don't understand what they are trying to say. I haven't been banned or anything. I'm able to "work" so i'm confused. If anyone knows what this means can you please let me know!!! The support people have been giving me automated responses that do not help.

beurasudip said...

^^^hey u are using paypal method so dont worry the message is not meant for you.

U work as usual you will get your money through paypal .

webmoney is another online method for money transfer like paypal ,alertpay etc.

striker said...

Has anyone received their payment yet?

Naeem Durrani said...

It is scam.Don't waste your time.I have use last 2,3 weeks when i reached the minimum amount it will suspended my account.

Aniway said...

hello...i started earning on protypers since march..i earned 32$ and they paid me through paypal..then recently...i earned 13$ on April 09 onwards but they stop paying me:(...

Aniway said...

i created new account...then they paid me only half of it...example i earned 10$...they paid me 5$...and i hate it so much because i spent my time here

ian said...

my account got permanently suspended after reaching 2.9$ is this really not a scam? is there a way to fix my problem?

ian said...

beurasudip how did you get ur account unbanned? pls help

beurasudip said...

^^^ian go to HELP page and support click there.
Then click to access typers Help Desk and log a request.

I did the same and was unbanned.

ian said...

ms beurasudip how many days before ur account got activated again? they sent me this email after sending my request

Dear User,

we have received your request regarding your account been banned.

Due to the very high number of users requesting to be unbanned, unfortunately at this point we are not opening once banned accounts per request, only based on your work, which we will verify within the next days.

Our apologies for this inconvenience, this ticket will be marked as solved.


jen said...

@ian; r u unbanned?
@beurasudip: my account has been permanently suspended, i already send a a request but i just receive that they cant unbanned my account since theres a lot of request so they have to review first my works in some other day, but for the meantime the request or ticke is solved, i think this is a system generated message.;-(

jen said...

@ian; i do receive the same email,., grrr its so frustrating

dolphinspictures.pvt@ltd said...


ian said...

@ms.jen yup i got permanently suspended too, my acuracy rating is 94.3 den it suddenly got banned after reaching 2.9$.. it says reasons kickouts, hope they can unbanned my account... I spend 1 week of my midnyts typing this shit

beurasudip said...

I think when I advanced my support request there were not slew of requests compared to the status quo therefore I was unbanned north of 2 days.

My account got activated 3 days after I place the request.

But they have paid me once 4 usd though I had notched up 5 usd in my Balance.

Now I have 3.71 usd accrued but they not paying .Anyway I have stopped doing this mundane and monotonous work.

agentph said...

Their POLICY is NOT FRIENDLY. STAY AWAY from this site. Yes. They paid. But they don't pay previous work I did. I call all of you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

Jihan said...

This not Legit. It is scam. It steal your Money

zjndmx said...


JC said...

Me too my balance is 2.33$ which I worked in 10 hours. Unfortunately, it became 0.07$. I am very disappointed.

oink2 said...

I received $3.03 last month...but it stopped paying since after that.

cybridge said...

Me too... on 1st week they paid me $3.2 but on the 2nd week they didn't pay me on the amount $3.9. But i still continue working until my balance reached $6.9 on the 3rd week. Still they didn't pay me. But on the 4th week they paid me only $3.9 that suppose to be paid on that 2nd week. Until onwards they didnt pay me but they still my balance from $6.7 now it became $4. Meaning to say, they're stealing our money we've gained and the time we've spent. Therefore, they're scammers. Stay away on their site.

Jihan said...

This site is now big scam. Site owner steal your working money.

Techno90.Blogspot said...

i Earned 14$ till date Invitation Code: 6UL

naturesecret01 said...

Yes this site is legit. Be my guest...

eve said...

Yeah I'm doing great here..all my earned money were paid every Monday since the very beginning I started here about three months advice is: Just follow exactly what the instruction says! And also they have their cut -off every Saturday so if you got $5 during the cut off then any additional amount you make will be added to your next week's balance.Please see here... you :)

striker said...

Only selected members are being paid. I have about $6 in my account and 50 refs but up until now I haven't been paid. If you are serious in making money online you should not miss this opportunity. checkout

Jeremy Capili said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy Capili said...

how will i replace the YOUR_CODE with my own code? plz reply anyone... tnx. just got

JBP_For_Everybody said...

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kaichou said...

I had tried and I think it is quite good. It is recommendable since you can earn from your referrals. I had given it a shot and hope to cash out very soon. :)

Learn how to earn more money online just like me! See here:

shaik abdullah said...

please tell me how to give my account no in megatypers it is showing liberty account i dont have dat

Admin said...

Dear friends now you can create multiple megatypers/protypers account with single
payment deatils like 1 liberty reserve or paypal id , Now FREE http://megatyperstrick.TK

JaiKumar Janaghama said...

Megatypers is paying me every week it is genuine site keep on working.

Hem Narayan Chaudhary said...

Ofcourse, protypers is a legitimate site from where we can make money and will be paid every week

rajesh dholakiya said...

when u type image captch, image is not running continuously, approximately in 1 minute there is only one image so cannot work continuosly,totally waste time to earn too little

ayyappasudheer said...

work is good But
They captchas of our id in captchas many captchas
Doesn't understand plz easy & understandable words sending to id

Thanking You

Home said...

more give this.. plz u learn it

florence estacio said...

Hi! I would like to ask if i reached 100USD, will protypers send it via western union? how will i know?

garish gonmei said...

This is a legit one, the money which I earn was credited on my paypal account recently, It is not a fake at all, if you do not receive the payment, maybe it might be because you make a mistake, read before you starts your work

kalyana karthik said...

Im inviting you all with the below code in Wishing you great success in Wealth creation.

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lolwut rotfl said...

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Gm Shogun said...

Need a New And Working Invitation Code.
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AKSHAY said...

Working Invitation Code.

Home said...

paid every legit paying!
megatypers invitation code- 66GM OR
Thank u :D

meena said...

just a bullshit n wastage of time it displays only 5 images in 5 minutes n guess wat paying not a cent but 0.00000000000000001 for one image only

Ines said...

2013 MegaTypers Invitation Code: 6PS2

Tuktuk said...

Protypes seems scam to me as well. I typed over 4500 captcha and still my balance is shown as $0.4500. I guess it should be $4.500... am confused whether to continue or not.

But this site is better, seems better....

parkplacepalza said...

It is legit I paid many times of this. This is my code if you need 6TJF.

Gangai Amaran said...

dont waste your time

Waleed Butt said...

Auto captcha software solve captcha images automatically for you,you don't need to do anything.this software is only for $ me if u need.

Nathaniel Hammel said...

It is illegal to get people to work for less then minimum wage in the USA. when it takes somebody 4 months to make $25.00, that would be called slave labor, not a scam. This site and other try to get you to work for them and in return for you time entering captchas, they use those to enter peoples profiles and steal their information from social networks and many other sites. You are a fool to participate in these kinds of sites. You can make around a $1.00 an hour. I could work in a data entry job in a real paying job, for more than minimum wage ruffly 9.00 an hour.

Emilio B. Bombita Jr. said...

This real and not a scam. I already earned $32.00.Just understand that this will not make you rich because this not a profession. Don't expect that this will provide your financial needs because this is not a job. And don't spend too much effort for this and compromise your sleeping, because this is JUST an extra. Rather, consider this as your past-time, and not a source of living so that the small amount that you earn will not bother you. Yes, you only get very small amount, but this is better than nothing. Better than wasting time in reading gossips on Facebook, better than wasting time in playing online games, and better than wasting time on porno websites.

Home said...

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i already earned many on 2 year ago.

Clarissa Cantiveros said...

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Saqib Saleem said... is a workforce management company that service institutions requiring data entry services. Our main goal is to support our client.s digitization requirements by converting scanned papers into editable digital documents. Our services also include Neural Network Text Recognition, Voice-to-text transcription and Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart image recognition for the visually impaired (blind).

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Naka Limot said...

DONT WORK ON THIS SITE!! In this scheme, a computer fills out a form and when it reaches a CAPTCHA, it gives the CAPTCHA to the human operator to solve. These methods have been used by spammers to set up thousands of accounts on free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo!.[31] Since Gmail and Yahoo! are unlikely to be blacklisted by anti-spam systems, spam sent through these compromised accounts is less likely to be blocked.


mee ado said...

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khawer khan said...

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Hasan Jaleel said...

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webcrictv said...

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boris said...

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boris said...

Is it legit or no? I work only on legit programs and I think it about this program to join. If you have some tips about this or some other program please visit my site and contact me via contact page ( contact form ).

Unknown said...

I have 5771 Tc yet its saying payment requiremnet not met. I thought the requirement was 3.00tc

Malik Yousuf said...

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